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KYAWA OC Services is your premier source for residential Home Inspections, complete residential repair and improvements, technology, and concierge services.


Serving Worcester, Frederick, & Washington,  Counties

MHIC #121961

MD Home Inspector #33540

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Whether you need a Home Inspection for a Real Estate transaction, repairs from a Home Inspection,  or have an extensive “to do” list of repairs and improvements, Kyawa OC Services can handle everything for you.

Kyawa OC Services can also work with Realtors to help remedy issues raised by home inspections and get to settlement. If several trades are required, there is no need for you to chase them down. One call is all it takes.

On larger projects, we will work with you to ensure you get the most for your money. As a licensed Maryland Home Improvement contractor, we can pull permits, meet County inspectors, and manage subcontractors.   We pride ourselves in providing quality, professional, and timely services at reasonable prices.

We can install and configure your wired or wireless network. We can also  install  webcams so you can keep tabs on things while you're away.

To discuss your specific requirements, contact us at 301-857-2155.


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